People Behind David’s Hope: Treasurer Stephanie Robledo

My name is Stephanie I am the treasurer here at David’s Hope. I have been apart of David’s Hope for about 4 years. 

 I grew up in a Christian home and the Lord saved me when I was thirteen. The Lord has changed and molded me greatly over the years. 

My husband, James is the Chairman of the board here at David’s Hope.  We have been married for 15 years and have 3 living children. My husband and I felt called to this ministry because we too have been through pregnancy loss.   

  We experienced an early loss at 8 weeks. It was a typical experience where we went into the emergency room and they told us there was no baby and sent us home. That was it, no follow up. No sympathy, just cut and dry–“you are not having a baby”. This was devastating to us and really stirred up some anger in my heart. Because it seemed the world moved on so quickly it really didn’t give us adequate space to grieve. 

 As we walked through our loss, we experienced how harsh the world can be towards early pregnancy loss. There was a lot of time feeling alone and uncared for. Because of this I know how important this ministry is. I want you to understand that there are people out there that care for you and know what you are going through. To me a sense of community is so important, to share with each other and to help families grieve in their own way at their own pace. It is our hope that you will allow us to help you navigate these painful waters, and show you what God’s word has to say about your pain and your loss.